Order processing

We try our best to process and ship out your order as quickly as possible. You can generally expect your order to be shipped within 4 days of placing it.

However, some orders may be delayed due to many factors such as restocking of certain items, holidays, payment processing delay, etc.

In most cases, we'll let you know the reason for the delay and estimated shipping dates.

Modes of shipping

We use many modes of shipping such as private courier companies or India Post. We may choose whichever mode that seems ideal for an order economically as well as logistically.

Delivery time

You can expect your order to be delivered between 6-14 days after it's been shipped. However, this mostly depends upon external factors such as mode of shipping, environmental factors, etc.

Please provide your complete address for better and faster deliverability.


Orders can be tracked at our Tracking page.


We don't ship internationally at this moment.